The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt announced for 2014

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt announced for 2014

Here it is the moment we all have been waiting for- CD Projekt RED has officially announced The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game is supposedly a next-gen title, planned for launch on the PC and the next wave of high-end systems in 2014. The subtitle itself suggests Geralt confrontation with his arch-nemesis who is responsible for his amnesia.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt announced for 2014

The Witcher 3 will take place in a world which is 30 times larger than the previous game and is said to be 20% bigger than that of The Elder Scroll: Skyrim. The game will allow Geralt to wander freely in an open-ended world instead of the acts/chapters system like its predecessors, which means you can go anywhere, whenever you want. All of this without a single loading screen- Thanks to RedEngine 3’s streaming technology. It will take up to 40 minutes to traverse from one end to other on the back of the horse.

Take a look at the above image which shows bearded Geralt astride a horse accompanied by a hooded companion

Further details of Witcher 3 were posted on NeoGAF by a digital subscriber of Game Informer’s new issue

• World supposedly 20% bigger than Skyrim’s, says development team. [Tentative, obviously]
• 30-40 minutes to cross world on Horseback
• New streaming technology (CDRED Engine 3)
• Geralt’s Memory is restored
• No chapters/acts
• Dude is DONE fighting for everyone else
• Everything from solving MYSTERIES to slaying monsters
• Coming out on “all top-of-the-line” consoles

Monster hunting:

• Clues build up information (like a Bestiary perhaps?)
• Books garner information about monsters
• Townsfolk provide information
• Potions and such are important
• Time of day and other conditions affect where monsters appear, and their abilities

Combat info

• Critical strikes in areas that matter depending on how much you learn about said monster
• You can disable a vampires poisoning attack by hitting its venom gland (Vampires are poisonous?) or skewer BOTH ITS HEARTS with a thrust attack (instant kill)
• Monsters drop loot like unobtainable alchemical and crafting ingredients for a unique potion, mutagen and item crafting.
• Provides income as well

Narrative info

• Lowest level = free-form activities like crafting, monster slaying (seems to be much more extensive this time around) and questing.
• Next level = Political situation of Nilfgaardian invasion is resolved through a core plotline for each area. These areas? -> Skellige, Novigrad and No Mans Land!
• Final level = Geralt’s main plotline, his search for his loved ones, and the chase of the Wild Hunt.

Other info:

• Enemy AI completely rebuilt, scripted bosses out
• Environmental combat ‘contributions’ (a dozen types of interactive objects) – wasp hive irritated using Award
• Magical signs retooled
• The magic tree advancement allows secondary sign forms = ie. Igni and a 360-degree blast
• Other trees, Swordsmanship and Alchemy
• New strikes under Swordsmanship, boosts like improved stamina and parrying
• Mutation mechanic under a different development path
• Team aware of frustrations of inventory management in The Witcher
• Crafting critical to maximizing Geralts potential, but weapons and armor can be found in many ways
• Players can customize their crafted weapons with some components, ie, monster scales for leather in armor
• Each armor piece has a unique appearance, new cloth simulation tech.
• Barber is in from the get-go. Dyeing hair is OUT OF QUESTION, White Wolf.

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