Microsoft unveils IllumiRoom, aimed at expanding immersion via projected visualisations

Microsoft unveils IllumiRoom

Earlier this month, Microsoft teased a very interesting piece of technology at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 called IllumiRoom, which is a proof-of-concept research project designed by Brett Jones, Hrvoje Benko, Eyal Ofek and Andy Wilson that utilizes the Kinect motion sensor to improve the level of immersion in video games. The video demonstrates how IllumiRoom is capable of enhancing and expanding elements of individual games across your room.

The way it works is that the camera captures the dimensions of your room which the projector subsequently utilizes for displaying images, making them appear as to have extended from the screen/TV and across your room. The effect can vary from just an expanded playing area to various particle effects such as bullet tracers and even snowflakes. While the technology is yet to become a final product, its viability is clear from the real-time nature of the project demonstrated in the video (which illustrates how IllumiRoom works quite well). So what do you think – unnecessary gimmick or cool feature testing the limits of augmented reality (AR)? We for one are certainly impressed, and quite eagerly looking forward to when this becomes available for mass consumption.

The latest installment of The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 has been released and it focuses on Prophet’s lethal nanosuit and the arsenal at his disposal. The video below begins with a close-up on the surface of Prophet’s nanosuit, where we see synthetic suit particles swaying like grass in the wind.

Then you will get to see Prophet engage in combat with Ceph, using the various set of weapons to take them out. There is also an interesting bit in the trailer that shows Prophet for the first time picking up a ceph weapon-which looks like a K volt submachine gun. Crysis 3 arrives on 19 February for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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