Killing Day Lives Again?

We still fondly look back at the 2005 E3 days, not only because of the aPS3 reveal, but also due to the various game which was announced back then, almost all of which looked awesome but a few of which were canceled and hence never made it release. Killing Day was one such title; a first-person shooter revealed for the Xbox 360 and PS3, demonstrating solid gameplay, good visuals, and destruction mechanics as the player decimated some enemies while dual-wielding pistols.

The last of Us- new gameplay footage showsoff infected enemy types, scavenging and crafting mechanics

Playstationlifestyle recently spotted Ubisoft’s name in this trademark registration for Killing Day, though it is unclear if this refers to the same game, a new IP or something entirely different. Ubi reps have yet to comment on the story, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed, and you can meanwhile watch the video teaser shown at E3 2005 below, courtesy of IGN.

Unlike the previous gameplay trailers which featured humans as enemies, Naughty Dog – the developer of The Last of Us – has released a new gameplay video which reveals the game’s infected enemy types and shows the survival horror side of the game, as primary characters Joel and Ellie sneak through a dark, derelict building infested with infected. The Infected are those humans who are in stage 3 of the mysterious virus and it seems this particular enemy type doesn’t react to light.

Players can pick up a lead pipe, bricks, and other throwable objects and use them as weapons. For instance, in the clip below, there is a sequence where Joel picks up a brick and knocks the hell out of a poor soul (he was only looking for some munchies). You can also sneak up behind opponents and perform a silent takedown or you stagger enemies by chucking a brick at them and then running up to them and smacking them with a baseball bat (homerun!). But wait, there’s a lot more – scavenging and crafting is also an essential element of the game. The player will be able to scavenge items like batteries, blades, alcohol, rags, bindings, explosives and will be able to craft items like Molotov Cocktails, med packs etc

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